Ecology, evolution and phylogeny

Ecology: The weird habitats of black yeasts

Sybren de Hoog: Black yeasts between Beauty and Beast.

Daniela Isola, Laura Selbmann, Sybren de Hoog, Laura Zucconi and Silvano Onofri: A worldwide sampling of rock fungi: phylogenetic affiliationMagnesium tolerant fungi from the bitternsTwo black fungi with industrial niches: Acidomyces and Amorphotheca"

Francesc Prenafeta: Fungal/bacterial interactions in the biodegradation of TEX hydrocarbons (toluene, ethylbenzene and p-xylene) in biofilters operated under xerophilic conditions.

Derlene Attili-Angelis: Herpotrichiellaceous fungi and relatives from oil contaminated areas in Brazil.

Hermann Voglmayr: Biodiversity of Chaetothyriales in recently discovered symbiotic tropical ant-fungus associations

Konrad Dettner, Fernando Pagnocca: Black yeasts and relatives dispersed by Attini ants.

Rumsais Blatrix, Hermann Voglmayr, Marc-Andre Selosse: The symbiotic relationship between ants, plants and Chaetothyriales.

Andrzej Chlebicki: Early phase of 'coexistence' of fungi and bacteria in biofilm on rock wall in subterranean arsen mine.

Ekaterina Dadachova, Arturo Casadevall: Ionizing radiation and black fungiExophiala dermatitidis.

Jana Frank, Hans-Josef Schroers: Biology of Sooty Blotch Fly Speck Fungi.

Rosamma Philip: Black yeasts from Indian Ocean.

 Phylogeny: Where do they come from, and where do they go?

Cene Gostinčar, Martin Grube, Sybren de Hoog, Polona Zalar, Nina Gunde - Cimerman: Extremotolerance in Fungi: evolution on the edgeMillions of years without sex and still happy.

Cecile Gueidan, Martin Grube, Tino Ruibal, Laura Selbmann: The origin of pathogenic and hyperparasitic Chaetothyriales.

Marie Machouart, Kittipan Samerpitak: The Ochroconiales: new order, new genera.


Pathogenic potential of black yeasts

Walter Boeger, Vania Vicente: Causative agents of Lethargic Crab Disease (LCD) in mangrove land crab Ucides cordatus (Ocypodidae).

Seyedmojtaba Seyedmusavi Tasieh, Vania Vicente, Javad Najafzadeh, Sybren de Hoog: The pathogenic potential of waterborne black yeasts.

Vania Vicente, Javad Najafzadeh, Jiufeng Sun, Sybren de Hoog: Molecular ecology of Fonsecaea sibling species isolated from endemic areas of chromoblastomycosis in Brazil.

Enrique Calvo: Antifungal therapy in a murine model of chronic chromoblastomycosis caused by Fonsecaea pedrosoi

Javad Najafzadeh: Fonsecaea nubica Use of Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism to identify Cladophialophora strains related to cerebral phaeohyphomycosis and chromoblastomycosis with in vitro antifungal susceptibility.

Gerhard Haase: Cystic fibrosis.

Bert Gerrits van den Ende, Montarop Sudhadham, Jiufeng Sun: Positive selection of Exophiala dermatitidis genotype A in human environment.

Domen Jaklič, Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Hamid Badali: Antimycotic activity of an excretion of Lucilia sericata larvae.

Ditte Saunte, Bita Tarazooie, Maiken Arendrup, Sybren de Hoog: Melanized fungi in skin and nail - it probably matters.

Wendy W. van de Sande, J. de Kat, J Coppens, A.O. Ahmed, A. Fahal, H. Verbrugh, A. van Belkum: Melanin biosynthesis in Madurella mycetomatis and its effect on susceptibility to itraconazole and ketoconazole


Adaptations to extreme environments and novel techniques

for the study of black yeasts

, : Molecular adaptations to hypersaline environments in halophilic Hortaea werneckii HwSHO1 genes in Hortaea werneckii.Hortaea werneckiiHortaea werneckii.

Silvano Onofri, Laura Selbmann, Kasturi Venkateswaran, Giuliano Scalzi, Laura Zucconi: .

Kristina Sepčić, Polona Zalar, Nina Gunde - Cimerman: Biologically active compounds in extracts of some halophilic and halotolerant fungi from the ordo Dothideales and selected yeasts.

Daniela Isola, G. Marzban, Silvano Onofri, Katja Sterflinger: Protein profiling of microcolonial fungi: methods and first resultsSalt induced change in cell wall protein population of halophilic Hortaea werneckii.Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on selected Black Yeast species.

Gerhard Haase: The use of secondary structures in the barcoding of black yeasts.

Marie Machouart: The use of introns in population dynamics.